Xαιρετισμός σωματείων από Βενεζουέλα

Promoting Committee for the Unity of the Socialist Workers from the City, the Country side and the Sea.

 Caracas, June 2011

Brothers and Sisters of the Hellenic Resistance, Comrades.

For more than one year, we have been observing with great attention the fight given by the Hellenic people to confront the injustice imposition that the George Papandreou’s Government has been following which comes to destroy solid rights such as a decent salary, labor stability, decent pension, in the name of a sacrosanct salvation of the capital with the cost of the people’s suffering.

The Hellenic Republic, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, successively have fallen in the claws of the neoliberal “packages” provoking the repulse and the mobilization of great human contingent that see its future changing in an uncertain game that benefits the bank and the international companies.

The rules raised by the indignant people of Europe, especially the veteran Hellenic movement, hit the bull’s eye, in these times of change, or as our Presidents Hugo Chavez and Rafael Correa say, mark a change of era. A change that, in Latin America is in its best political moment.

In Venezuela, country of permanent rebellion, we are constructing a socialist model that guaranties for our people, the consolidation from the conquests that have obligated this popular army in Europe to be mobilized. Today subjects such as labor, salary, decent pensions are honored by our Bolivarian constitution.  Studying in depth and raising the matters of human right, health, education, recreation, priority of natural recourses. 

In our country with our revolution we have managed to surpass the crisis that we inherited from the old republic. We have successfully surpassed the crisis that imposed the international capital in 2008 of which today you are victims. In Latin America, we suffered during the 90s the same package of injustices that transformed our people into imprisoned ghosts. Two decades later, with hope, with happiness we are raising the real flag of socialism, which inspired our Liberator Simon Bolivar of the “Greatest possibility of happiness and social security”.

You should know, brothers and sisters of the Hellenic Republic, that from the Bolivarian and socialist Venezuela, we are voting in order to impose the reason and anew, see the dawn of hope as a just reward to the resistance of which, you are the protagonists like the lighthouse of Europe, day after day in this terrible fight against the capitalist barbarism.

You should know, Comrades that equally to you, in Venezuela, us the workers are ready to fight with our Commander-in-Chief and President Hugo Chavez Frias, in order to consolidate the Bolivarian Revolution and with it, the socialism of the 21st Century. We understand it as our own contribution to the global fight for the emancipation of the people and the national liberation from the capitalist tie.

As you have shown, Comrades, the unity of proposals groups up and mobilizes the majority. We have taken an initiative and we are summoning a Meeting for the Unity of the Workers of the City, the Countryside and the Sea, for  the construction of a powerful social movement, capable of sustaining and consolidating the progress of our process and add our contribution to the struggle against the capital.




National Federation of Workers of the Public Sector FENTRASEP

Franklin Rondon


Unitary Federation of Petroleum Workers of Venezuela FUTPV

Wills Rangel


National Federation of Workers Electricians FETRAELEC

Angel Navas


Unitary Federation of Workers of the Graphics Industry FEUTRAGRAF

Eglee Sanchez


National Syndicate Unitary Magisterial Force SINAFUM

Orlando Perez


Federation of Workers in Universities of Venezuela


Orlando Zambrano


National Federation of Syndicates of Professors of Superior Education


Telemaco Figueroa

National Federation of Regional Syndicates of Workers of the Health Sector


Octavio Solorzano


National Bolivarian Federation of Workers of the Public Sector


Renato Hurtado


Bolivarian National Federation of Laborers of the Ministry of Education


Jesus Pacheco


Unitary Federation of Bolivarian Workers of Constructions


Marco Tulio Diaz


National Federation of Workers of Construction, Machinery, Wood and others FENATCS

Manuel Muñoz


National Federation of Workers of the Railway of Venezuela FENTRAFEVE

Francisco Torrealba


Unitary Federation of Workers of Transportation FEDUTRANS

Richard Mambel


National Federation of Workers of Transportation FNTT

Ruben Linares


Socialist National Assembly of Transport ASNT

Felix Jaramillo


National Federation of Workers of Telephony FETRATEL

Jose Mora ¨Siguaraya¨


Venezuela Federation of Workers of Security, Attention and Maintaining


Wilmer Morey


Federations, Syndicates and Councils of Workers in Hotels

Jesus Barrera

Bank Syndicates

Jesus Pernia

Syndicates of Basic Companies

Alfredo Spooner

Jose Gil (ALCASA)

Pedro Perales (VENALUM)

Antonio Rivas (BAUXILUM)

Jose Melendez (SIDOR)

Federation of College of Nurses

Luz Marquez


Petrochemical Syndicates

Jose Guerrero

Syndicates of the Gas OSTROPRODIGAS

Fabricio Guinand

Syndicates and Councils of Workers of the Means of Communication 

Miguel Castillo 

Agricultural National Coordination Ezequiel Zamora

Braulio Alvarez

National Front of Fishermen and aquacultures’

Julio Moreno

Socialist Bolivarian Power of Workers FSBT

Jacobo Torres de Leon

Movement Autonomous Socialist Syndicate ASS

Orlando Castillo

Revolutionary Movement of Workers Alfredo Maneiro MOTRAM

Osman Acosta



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